Neighbor Man Cometh

One Christmas Eve my husband and I invited our flannelled, bushy-bearded neighbor man to join us for our family’s traditional, holiday meal. We’d known him for a few years. He used to come to his country property every weekend to camp out, but come one […]


The Heart of the Matter

Dear Other People – Even though there’s a lot of hoopla about which chronic ailment titles are best, and worst, I don’t care how you refer to me. And my disease. A person with diabetes. A diabetic. For me, it’s a big ole nothing-burger. Really. […]


Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt #3: Toasted

Even though this is the third installment of this flash fiction series, I’m gonna keep you on your writerly toes by introducing the sibling of mister flashy fiction pants, flash non-fiction. As partially described on Poets & Writers website – It could be anything from a single scene to […]

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Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt #3

On the Writer’s Digest blogSite, William Highsmith describes some specifics as he quotes two other authors in a Frequently Asked Question article about flash fiction: As five-time Hugo Award–winner Mike Resnick says, “Brevity is not just the soul of wit; it is damned hard work.” […]

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Yesterday’s News

. Yesterday’s newspaper, thin hickory strips, strike a match on the cold cement floor. When I was a kid, men struck matches on zippered . fronts of Wrangler jeans. . Set the kettle on wood cookstove – pepper, salt, fry two eggs, ham steaks in […]


Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt 2: Hearts On Skin

Alrighty, writerly buckaroos, today’s the unveiling of the second set of photo prompt Flash Fiction pieces. flash fiction often contains the classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacles or complications, and resolution. However, unlike a traditional short story, the limited word length often forces some of […]


Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt #2

Flash Fiction. It’s not to be confused with neked authors writing on the run (although it could be); it’s a writerly style. . One of the first known usages of the term “flash fiction” in reference to the literary style was the 1992 anthology Flash […]


I Asked

In the elementary lunch line I overheard friends who said: No meat, please. No, I cannot have the chili. No, no, sweets, please. My family said decline the cinnamon roll. The cheese? Oh, how I want it, but I cannot touch it, nor eat it. […]


Dear Malakai (letter 1)

Dear Malakai, So I hear tell that you’ve started on a wonky, crazy, brandSpanking new, maybe scary, but somewhat exciting, God-trusting adventure. We’ve needed a kiddo like you in the ranks – an eager, willing, chasing after God sorta young feller. But hey, before I […]


Oh Yes You Can

Even though I wrote this piece five years ago, as I blew the dust off and read it this morning, it’s still applicable today, armpit and all. (I updated the dates though.) . . Here is the poem I left on the bathroom counter for my […]


Rent the Pain in Two

Handle my broken? You’re kidding, right? I’ll sweep, gentle-like, sharp shards of glass; replace with glue, a mug’s cracked handle; tape a page, nearly tore in two — but staunch the wounds of my own heart? It’s not possible, plausible, sensible that I’m worth any […]



jeans jeans   everywhere the jeans – city, country especially there – rural folk wear ’em Friday and don’t call it casual – because it’s the same as every other day where they work. ride. live. breathe. . . . . . work hard, play harder […]