Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt #2

Flash Fiction, photography, writing

Flash Fiction.

It’s not to be confused with neked authors writing on the run (although it could be); it’s a writerly style.


One of the first known usages of the term “flash fiction” in reference to the literary style was the 1992 anthology Flash Fiction: Seventy-Two Very Short Stories. Editor James Thomas stated that the editors’ definition of a “flash fiction” was a story that would fit on two facing pages of a typical digest-sized literary magazine.[2] In China the style is frequently called a “smoke long” or “palm-sized” story, with the comparison being that the story should be finished before the reader could finish smoking a cigarette.[3]

~ Wikipedia resource.


Maybe you’re more reader than writer. When’s the last time you read an entire story in one sitting?

Not the kind of “sitting” where you got up for snacks and drinks between chapters, I mean the kind where you had a few tick-tocks to rub together whilst your kid ate an apple, or the kind where you hopped (and hoped and prayed) outside the bathroom door, waiting for a vacancy.


Fiction in a flash.

It’s not to be confused with fiction in a flask (although it could be); it’s a whiz-bang fast method of dragging fiction ink across a page.


Let’s use this image for our 2nd photo prompt Flash Fiction piece.



750 words or less.

Poetry is allowed too.


  1. You may “borrow” it to your site.
  2. Write a little ditty there.
  3. Next Friday (Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise), I’ll post my piece hereabouts.
  4. You can link yours in the comment box.
  5. Or, if you prefer, you can write yours in smack-dab in the comment box.


Here is the first batch of  Flash Fiction Photo Prompt stories.


… flash fiction often contains the classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacles or complications, and resolution. However, unlike a traditional short story, the limited word length often forces some of these elements to remain unwritten – that is, hinted at or implied in the written storyline. Different readers thus may have different interpretations.

~ Wikipedia resource.




6 thoughts on “Flash (whiz-bang) Fiction Photo Prompt #2”

  1. Darlene, I had a deadline on a story and was unable to give the whiz bang flash fiction a whirl. Hoping to work on it in the next few days.

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