Yesterday’s News

A Story, country life, Poetry, writing


Yesterday’s newspaper, thin

hickory strips, strike a

match on the cold


floor. When I was a

kid, men struck

matches on zippered



of Wrangler jeans.


Set the kettle on wood

cookstove – pepper, salt,

fry two eggs, ham steaks

in cast-iron.


toast with spicy

mustard. Pour

boiling water over morning’s


plunge, press



Strike another



hold it tip

to tip with an 

incense stick – I become

amber –

pine pitch escaping

to the woods with my kid sister;

sandalwood –

college days meeting


hippy girls

at the food co-op (who knew all girls



want to be smooth?). See how


the smoke

curls, stretches

thin? Just like


white cigarettes burning down orange

ashtray embers between

puffs, as she drank



can, pre-ground coffee, and forked


bacon from cast-iron. I want

to blow smoke

circles painted

ruddy with lips like hers.

Instead, I lick

mustard off

her old serrated knife.


Daily over 

news, coffee and food

I bend






3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News”

  1. Without ever saying it, your love for the morning ritual bleeds through these images. Oh my, where to begin?
    Maybe with the spicy-mustard slathered toast? I will try this soon.
    plunge, press~that’s how I coffee in the morning, too!
    I become amber-pine pitch~slowly sinking into memories. Linking the smoke swirls of the incense with grandmother’s smoke curls.
    Bending low. Paying homage. Exquisite.

  2. Floyd says:

    Amazing how quickly life gets behind us. Love the recollections of a life, where the simple becomes extraordinary. Well done.

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