Whilst We Wait…

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Oh, I know. You are nearly beside yourself with angst over my BlogLand housing crisis.


  1. Where will she stay?
  2. When will she get there?
  3. How will we recognize her?
  4. What on earth is she doing now?
  5. Who is helping this techno-nitwit figure it out?
  6. Why does she move around like a fart in a skillet?


Rest assured, (like you are Β tossin’-n-turnin’ all night long over this) those nasty hackers won’t be bothering me in my new diggs. I hope. Anyway, sit back, have a cuppa java (or tea or hot chocolate or cold chocolate or creamed corn or whatever floats yer boat) and wait. With me. For me. While my techno-know-how team of behind-the-scenes workers unpack the rest of my crappola. My stuff. My very important stuff. Yeah, that’s it, whilst they unpack my ever important stuff.

Oh yes, these big burly dudes (like Sir Peter) will hook me up to the domain name game machine thing — ’cause we all know it ain’t happen’ under my watch. Well, I don’t even wear a watch. And besides that, I think it would sorta itch if someone where jostling about on my wrist. But you know what I mean, righto?


Anyway (now say this in your bestest Ted Baxter voice):


Folks, fans, and all you buckaroos at home, we will be with you after this short-ish interlude.

Hey, does anyone have a comb? Or mouthwash?


(Actually, this doesn’t make any sense at all because I’m already here. And there you are. Here you are… Okay, I need a drink. Of. Something. And I’m sure Sir Peter needs a bonus or a sedative or both.


Pssst, do you like my colors and header and what-not? Like you’ll say





if’n ya don’t.

Who am I foolin’? Who am I scaring is more like it.




14 thoughts on “Whilst We Wait…”

  1. Oh, cute. I “liked” my own post and my head showed up. Well, I guess it’s better than licking myself and a cougar showing up. I better go check my blood sugars. Feelin’ a bit looped.

  2. Love the new color combo! And looking forward with you to the moment when everything is back as it is supposed to be and you can go back to simply writing. Since that’s what we bloggers claim to do, right? πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you miss G. And grande appreciation for all you do whilst I hurry up and wait. You are my techno-guru go-to gal.

      • I am horrible at hurrying up and waiting. Just horrible. Glad I’m not the only one. πŸ˜‰ And glad to be of help. πŸ™‚ The end is in site…I mean, in sight. πŸ˜‰

  3. Well, you’re moving around, but at least you are remaining in the skillet. πŸ˜‰

    Glad to see your words again.

    • Ha! Still in the skillet is right.

      Actually, I am back where I started about this time last year. I reckon this suits me fine.

      (so glad you keep following me ’round)

  4. love the header — and I’m all about a move — and I probably need to do some redecorating myself…..

    but, meanwhile, I’m glad that I’m not getting that message about “what r u doin’ here, honey?”

    • Miss H, thank you for the header kudos. It took me 1.5 days to get that right. I have about 15 other attempts. Yike-a-roo.

      I’m glad you are not getting that message anymore too! You are welcome around my campfire any ole time. πŸ˜‰

    • Well, this is where I’ll be, but as Peter says, there has to be some techno wand waving to keep this site and hook it to my new fancy domain name & address ( http://simplydarlene.com ). I don’t understand, nor do I pretend to… I won’t let you lose me miss Susie!

  5. nancy says:

    well..here you are…and…here i am! nice digs, baby!

  6. Hip, hip, hooray! It shows up properly for me now…all the way down to wordpress.com redirecting to simplydarlene.com. Happiness. Looking forward to many new posts and photos in the near future. πŸ™‚

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